Thirty One

31Well, guys…it looks like I’ve really committed to my thirties.

That’s right, in a few short hours, the clock will strike midnight (waking Hayes up, I’m sure…) and I’ll be 31.


Can someone please go ahead and tell me how that happened?

It feels like just yesterday I wore that gaudy purple dress (WHO TOLD ME THAT WAS A GOOD IDEA, FRIENDS?!), bobby pinned a cheap tiara to my head and “woo girl”ed into every bar in Cedar Falls with my hands in the air, exclaiming “I’m tweeeennnnny onnnne betches!”

That’s right. “Twenny one”.


While I miss a few things about being a fresh faced 21 year old, with boobs that had not yet been exposed to the shriveling effects of a 6 month relationship with a breast pump – it goes without saying I feel nothing but happiness in my heart to be where I am now.

I spend my time a little differently at 31 than I did at 21, which for my sake and the sake of all others, is probably a good thing. WOO!

At 31, I spend less money on minutes for the tanning bed, and more money on skin care products to reverse the damage I caused in college (you’re welcome Sephora). I spend less time sharing overused quotes by Marilyn Monroe, and more time trying to find genuine words for every conversation I have. I drink less UV Blue and more “good” wine. At 31, I spend less time making plans and more time hoping whoever I’ve made plans with cancels first (I’m sorry). I spend less time avoiding calls from home and more time reaching out to my parents for advice that only they can give. I spend less time online being catty and more time trying to be a positive spot in timelines that are full of arguments over politics and questionable recipes (Doritos Pie?!?). I still spend about the same amount of time looking at cute boys on the internet, but I spend less time browsing Pinterest for “kinky but cute Halloween costumes” and more time browsing for DIY projects to do with someone who’s stinky and cute.

At 31 I try to spend less time worrying about what I don’t have and spend more time loving what I do have. I spend more time saying my prayers and reading a devotional and less time reading gossip columns online.

Lately, I’ve been spending more time feeling thankful for the friends (like you!) and family that I have in my life. I’m so incredibly lucky. Thank you all for making turning 31 a little less scary and a lot more sweet!



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