Salon La Di Da | Iowa City, Iowa

Well, it’s been a minute hasn’t it? How’s everyone? How’s the family? Have you lost weight? Girl, work it.

It has been on my to-do list for forever to share some of the fun projects I’ve been working on and here’s my first attempt. It’s only about 12 months late (12 months sounds better than a year, right?), but listen, I have an excuse. A really good one. My excuse’s name is Hayes and he’s a pretty good justification for most things, for instance:

Someone invites me to something I really don’t want to do: Sorry – Hayes is trying out for American Ninja Warrior Jr. that day – but have fun with your cat’s 8th birthday party!

Someone asks if I’m eating macaroni and cheese for breakfast: Yes, it’s all Hayes will eat right now and he’ll only take a bite if I do it first. It’s organic, which means it’s basically diet food, it’s fine.

Someone asks if I’m feeling okay because I look tired: Hayes kept me up all…ya know what, nope, screw that, it’s never okay to tell someone they look tired – here’s a quarter, go buy yourself some manners, loser.


Last year around this time I was asked to do a redesign of a logo for a small business in Iowa City, Salon La Di Da. I was honored. I was excited. I was nervous—because this particular redesign was not only for a highly regarded and very popular salon in Iowa City, it was for family. My cousin’s amazingly talented wife co-owns the business AND my own brother’s equally talented and sweet as sugar girlfriend is a stylist there, as well. The pressure was on to do a good job and to create something worthy of representing Salon La Di Da.

The ladies wanted something simple, yet elegant. Classic, yet modern. The brainstorming began, the sketches were drawn and three comps were designed and delivered. A few days later, we landed on “the one”. After a few emails back and forth double and triple checking to be sure they didn’t feel guilted into saying they liked it, even though they really thought it was trash (imposter syndrome is real, y’all), I was finally convinced and packaged up the final files and sent them to their new home.

The logo and applications below are part of the new identity of Salon La Di Da, and I’m so happy they’re pleased with how it turned out! This was such a fun project for an awesome business that just celebrated its 15 year anniversary, which is such an impressive accomplishment.

Thank you for choosing me to help you out with this one, ladies! I appreciate it so much! Oh, and before I forget, I need a trim and color. It’s been awhile, because ya know…Hayes 😉 Portfolio